Whole House Assessment
For those who would like a comprehensive assessment of their home, we provide a full inspection evaluating indoor air quality, electromagnetic radiation, and products and materials in the home.



Indoor Air Quality Assessment
If you suspect there is mold or have concerns about chemicals that could be toxic in your home, we offer evaluation adapted to your needs and detail changes to impact the overall health of your home.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
There is a growing body of evidence supporting the belief that electromagnetic pollution will prove to be one of the greatest challenges to our health. Our evaluation includes the measurement of EMR from sources both inside and outside the home and recommendations designed to reduce your exposure.



Sleeping Sanctuary Assessment
Our bodies are complex, bioelectrical machines designed to repair and regenerate at night when we are asleep. Many of us have filled our sleeping areas with a variety of artificial electrical fields and radio frequencies (EMR) that affect our body’s delicate balance. A sleeping sanctuary assessment will assist you in minimizing the EMR pollution in your bedroom and allow you to achieve more restorative sleep.

Telephone Consultations
We are happy to provide phone consultations wherever you may be.