cropped-EA_Logo_Color_Hor.png Jennifer Berwyn, Illinois
I was looking for someone who could really help me determine what was negatively impacting my body as I had put on weight and was having headaches and palpitations for what appeared no reason. I invited Barbara to my home and was in awe of her ability to eloquently and logically explain to me while she assessed my environment what was causing these issues. I've made these changes and my body has changed too. I then invited her to my new offices as my symptoms returned while I was there and she helped me figure out how to fix my environment there too. Barbara is a logical choice for helping fix your environments and free you from further issues impacting your body.
Mike Chicago, IL
Barb’s work is invaluable for my young family as we realized we were renting an apartment that had 2 electrical transformers literally right outside our kitchen wall. Moreover, the mechanical room for the entire apartment complex was located under our unit. Needless to say, her findings on the EMF levels in our duplex apartment led us to not renewing our lease when it was expiring three months later. She gave us invaluable advice for how to arrange, and live in, our living space during the duration of the lease. Barb’s thorough work and explanations were so helpful to us that we have used her twice more during our housing search as we look to buy a house, and we have used her assessments and results on EMF and high-frequency levels as a major component in our decision-making process of which housing to pursue. We highly recommend Barb for her expertise in building biology and outstanding service to clients.
Michele Chicago, Illinois
Barbara came to my house after my family had suffered a variety of strange symptoms over a few of years and we were concerned that we had an environmental problem. She very quickly and efficiently was able to discover the source of our problems (very high levels of electro magnetic frequencies mainly from wifi and cordless phones thoughout the home). She then also tested it for other environmental issues to be sure that we did not have multiple problems. She gave us strategies for mitigating the emf issues and within weeks of implementing them we were all feeling better. She has since helped me assess the safety of my children’s school and has helped other of my friends and clients. I highly recommend Barbara for her knowledge, expertise and professionalism.